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Vasectomy reversal is surgery which aims to restore male fertility by re-attaching the ends of the vas deferens (the tube which carries sperm from the testicle to the urethra) which were severed during the original vasectomy. Vasectomy reversal does not guarantee that you will be able to father a child; success rates vary, with your greatest chance of success occurring within 3 years of the original vasectomy.

Your urologist will perform one of two types of vasectomy reversal. If your doctor does not predict any complications, the more straight-forward vasectomy reversal procedure is known as a vasovasostomy. If your doctor suspects there might be a blockage in the vas deferens a more complicated procedure called a vasoepididymostomy will be performed.

The Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

Your vasectomy reversal will be performed under general anesthesia. The scrotum is shaved and sterilized, and your doctor will make an incision on the front side of the scrotum so that the vas deferens can be drawn and lifted out. At this point your doctor will collect fluid from your scrotum to examine under a microscope.

Depending on whether sperm is present in the fluid, your doctor may choose one of two types of vasectomy reversals:

Vasovasostomy is performed if the fluid contains sperm and is clear. In this procedure, your doctor will sew the ends of the vas deferens back together in a single or multiple layers. The vas is then placed back into the scrotum and the incisions are sutured.

Vasoepididymostomy is another type of vasectomy reversal that your doctor will perform if the scrotal fluid is pasty or there are no sperm present, signaling that a secondary blockage in the vas deferens has occurred after the original vasectomy. In this procedure, your doctor will connect the cut end of the vas deferens directly to the epididymis using micro-stitches. This procedure is more complex than the vasovasostomy and will take more time.

On average, a vasovasostomy can take between 2- 3 hours to perform. The more complicated vasoepididymostomy can take up to 4 hours to perform. Both vasectomy reversal procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting, and you will likely go home the same day as the procedure.Talk to your urologist about your chances of success with a vasectomy reversal procedure.

Talk to your urologist about your chances of success with a vasectomy reversal procedure.

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