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Prolapse in women. Is this possible?
Some part of my anatomy that should be and always was internal and is now external; what is it? What needs to be done? Read more
Is it important who does the TURBT procedure?
I had a sudden episode of bleeding with blood clots in my urine. I saw a urologist yesterday who told me I needed to have a TURBT. I'm here alone and wondered if I should go home to have this done as the doct... Read more
Every year I get at least 3 UTIs. Should I see a urologist about this? What treatments are available for frequent UTIs?
Ever since I was young I've had at least three urinary tract infections a year. I drink plenty of fluids, have good personal hygiene, and I always empty my bladder. Still, I keep getting them. Should I see a ur... Read more
My son is 7 months old and one of his testicles has yet to drop. Is this a sign of undescended testes and, if so, what can be done?
My wife and I are concerned that one of our son's testicles has not dropped yet. He is 7 months old. Does this mean he has undescended testes and, if so, what can be done about it? Read more
I've been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, is biofeedback an effective treatment option?
I've had bladder control problems for some time, but only recently was it diagnosed as urinary incontinence. My doctor suggested biofeedback, however I know nothing about this treatment and whether it is an app... Read more
Why am I experiencing blisters after having sex with my wife?
Skin Problems - 1 answer
I'm a 55-year-old male with a 46-year-old wife. We use a lubricant while having sex but I still get blood blisters around the head after. I was told I have HPV and an antibiotic/steroid cream was given to me to... Read more
I have no sensation in my penis during sex. Is this normal?
When I masturbate its very pleasurable but during sex I don't feel any stimulation of my penis, and I feel as though I am not ejaculating enough sperm. Read more
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I am a woman who, when she urinates, urinates outside the edge of the seat, causing to leak to the floor and saturate my clothes. What's going on?
Skin Problems - 1 answer
I had an injury to my clitoris, which required stitches. I let it heal on its own. I think the extra skin may be causing the issue. What are your thoughts? Read more

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