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Urinary Tract Infection Questions

How should I deal with recurrent bladder infections?
Urinary Tract Infection -1 answer
I have had them for 55 years since my first birth - had 9 pregnancies and a tilted pelvis - at age 80 I do not want surgery - have had to many and dealing with liver and heart issues. I have been on Macro bid ... Read more
Every year I get at least 3 UTIs. Should I see a urologist about this? What treatments are available for frequent UTIs?
Urinary Tract Infection -1 answer
Ever since I was young I've had at least three urinary tract infections a year. I drink plenty of fluids, have good personal hygiene, and I always empty my bladder. Still, I keep getting them. Should I see a ur... Read more
How can I prevent urinary tract infections?
Urinary Tract Infection -3 answers
I find that I'm constantly getting urinary tract infections. It's so embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is often painful when I urinate, and the smell of my urine is foul. I also have pain in my stomach. What c... Read more

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