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Urology Consultation Questions

What would be a good urethra reconstruction fix?
Urology Consultation -1 answer
I'm a 69-year-old who had urethra reconstruction surgery, just over 1 1/2 years ago. I've had two dilatations. I believe scare tissue maybe the problem, but I'm not a doctor. I was hoping a stent would be a pos... Read more
Why am I unable to urinate under pressure?
Urology Consultation -1 answer
I'm having trouble peeing in a cup for work. I get very nervous and cannot pee, even when I have drank water and coffee. Please help me. What can I do? Read more
I have no sensation in my penis during sex. Is this normal?
Urology Consultation -1 answer
When I masturbate its very pleasurable but during sex I don't feel any stimulation of my penis, and I feel as though I am not ejaculating enough sperm. Read more
Prolapse in women. Is this possible?
Urology Consultation -1 answer
Some part of my anatomy that should be and always was internal and is now external; what is it? What needs to be done? Read more

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