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My testicle is severely swollen and there is an abscess growing around my penis and testicle. What's going on? Do I need immediate medical attention?
I am bleeding. I have had a super pubic catheter for nearly 2 months now. The abcesses are growing and multiplying. Also, fluid is leaking from my body. I need help; it is very painful. What should I do? Do I need immediate medical attention?
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Will my infant son's testicle ever drop into his scrotum?
My son is almost a month old. We found out through his pediatrician that he has a condition called chryptorchidism, which means his testicle has not dropped into his scrotum. The doctor wants to take a watch and wait approach. Will my son's testicle ever drop into its rightful position?
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What questions shoud my doctor ask me during my consultation?
General - 1 answer
I'm visiting a urologist today, what questions should my doctor ask me during consultation?
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I'm scheduled for a prostate biopsy, will the procedure affect the way my prostate functions?
I'm getting older and my doctor wants to do a prostate biopsy because he felt a lump during my recent rectal exam. I'm a little afraid. I don't know what my prostate does, but I don't want its function to be screwed up either.
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I've been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, is biofeedback an effective treatment option?
I've had bladder control problems for some time, but only recently was it diagnosed as urinary incontinence. My doctor suggested biofeedback, however I know nothing about this treatment and whether it is an appropriate option.
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Two hydrocelectomies within 4 months and may need a third. Although I have trust in my current urologist, should I seek out another practitioner?
I've had two hydrocelectomies in 4 months. Now, I have two hard lumps. The painful one is medial, at the bottom of my scrotum. The other one is less painful and near the inguinal canal. When the drain was removed one day post-op, I was told it was due to the cutting involved. Palpating both lumps. Feels like a garden hose was cut off. I'm 65 but sexual performance will be difficult. Very uncomfortable sitting for any length of time. Testicles feel like they are not hanging normally.
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I've read that people who take testosterone become unable to reproduce. Should I take the testosterone treatment that was prescribed to me?
Male Infertility - 2 answers
I went to a general doctor for a physical so that she can get me a referral to a fertility clinic. After performing a test the doctor told me that my testosterone is low. She prescribed testosterone for me. I have read a lot that people who take testosterone become unable to reproduce because the brain stops producing gnrh that induces testosterone production. Should I take the testosterone treatment that the doctor said I need?
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What is the most effective and pro-patient surgical method for varicocele repair? Laparascopy or Subinguinal?
Varicocele Repair - 2 answers
Which identifies and preserves the testicular artery/vein and lymphs, and also prevents fluid retention post surgery? Which one has the highest success rate?
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What would be a good urethra reconstruction fix?
I'm a 69-year-old who had urethra reconstruction surgery, just over 1 1/2 years ago. I've had two dilatations. I believe scare tissue maybe the problem, but I'm not a doctor. I was hoping a stent would be a possible solution. I live in Northwest Indiana near Chicago. My local doctors recommend reconstruction again, does not make sense unless something is done differently.
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