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Is a vasectomy really permanent, or can it be reversed?
Vasectomy - 6 answers
I keep hearing that a vasectomy is a permanent form of birth control, but then I also hear that it can be reversed. I'm 25 years old and don’t want to have children now, but maybe in the future. I’ve considered having a vasectomy, but would like to know if it’s permanent or not.
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Is it safe to delay a scheduled cystoscopy for two months if the patient was diagnosed with bladder cancer five years ago?
An additional question is whether or not a CT scan is necessary five years after diagnosis.
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Should I have my testosterone levels checked?
I take Viagra and Cealis but do not have an erectal dysfunction problem. Instead, I have difficulty achieving an orgasism. What would you suggest? My testosterone levels were checked a couple of years ago and they were fine for my age. Should I have my levels checked again?
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What are the chances of getting my partner pregnant after a vasectomy reversal?
Vasectomy Reversal - 3 answers
I had a vasectomy almost 10 years ago. I've recently remarried and would like to start a family with my new wife. What are the chances of getting her pregnant after a vasectomy reversal? Is there a chance the procedure won't be successful?
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Is a vasectomy painful?
Vasectomy - 3 answers
My partner and I are done having children, so I've been considering having a vasectomy. Is it a painful procedure? What can I expect?
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I'm scheduled for a prostate biopsy, will the procedure affect the way my prostate functions?
I'm getting older and my doctor wants to do a prostate biopsy because he felt a lump during my recent rectal exam. I'm a little afraid. I don't know what my prostate does, but I don't want its function to be screwed up either.
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Question: How can I tell if I have kidney stones?
I've been having pain in my side for the past couple of weeks. The pain started off as mild but has been growing intense. Is it possible that I have kidney stones?
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Im 24. I'm wondering is it best to get circumcised?
Circumcision - 2 answers
I'm 24-years-old and want to know if I'm wondering is it okay and or safe to have circumcision performed on me?
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How can I prevent urinary tract infections?
I find that I'm constantly getting urinary tract infections. It's so embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is often painful when I urinate, and the smell of my urine is foul. I also have pain in my stomach. What can I do to keep from getting these infections?
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I have pain in my testis and groin, and swelling in the right side of my testis. Could it be due to excessive masturbation?
General - 2 answers
I have pain in my testis and groin area, and swelling on the right side of my testis. I have been check by a urologist and the results were normal. Doctors told me that it was not a hernia, or any decease if that swelling is painful then it has to be operated, so shown to homeopathy and homeopathy doctors gave medicine and pain was gone in swelling but still I have pain in groin area and sometime in testis. Is this due to excessive masturbation? I used to mastribate 4 to 5 times a day.
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I've read that people who take testosterone become unable to reproduce. Should I take the testosterone treatment that was prescribed to me?
Male Infertility - 2 answers
I went to a general doctor for a physical so that she can get me a referral to a fertility clinic. After performing a test the doctor told me that my testosterone is low. She prescribed testosterone for me. I have read a lot that people who take testosterone become unable to reproduce because the brain stops producing gnrh that induces testosterone production. Should I take the testosterone treatment that the doctor said I need?
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What are the symptoms of low testosterone?
I was just diagnosed with low testosterone after being tested by mydoctor. I set an appointment with him because I wasn’t really interested in sex, which is unlike me. He told me that a poor sex drive is one of the symptoms. What other signs should I look out for?
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I have not been able to get an erection. Do I have erectile dysfunction?
Over the past few weeks, I have not been able to get an erection. How do I know if I have erectile dysfunction? Should I see someone about this?
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What is the most effective and pro-patient surgical method for varicocele repair? Laparascopy or Subinguinal?
Varicocele Repair - 2 answers
Which identifies and preserves the testicular artery/vein and lymphs, and also prevents fluid retention post surgery? Which one has the highest success rate?
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What is the average cost of a vasectomy reversal?
Vasectomy Reversal - 2 answers
It has been about 8 years since my vasectomy procedure. Now, I want to have it reversed. On average, how much does it cost?
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