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Urologic Oncology Questions

I'm excreting yellow puss from my penis. Is this an infection? An STD? Should I be concerned?
Urologic Oncology -1 answer
Just today I started to experience pain while urinating. I thought I was dehydrated, but when I changed clothes later, my underwear had some sort of yellow coloring on them. I looked more closely and saw a yell... Read more
My testicle is severely swollen and there is an abscess growing around my penis and testicle. What's going on? Do I need immediate medical attention?
Urologic Oncology -1 answer
I am bleeding. I have had a super pubic catheter for nearly 2 months now. The abcesses are growing and multiplying. Also, fluid is leaking from my body. I need help; it is very painful. What should I do? Do I n... Read more

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